Our history

a meeting between the Christianities of France and the Christianity of African expressions of Protestant denomination.

Created in 1990, the Community of Churches of African Expressions of France (CEAF) is a congregation of Evangelical, Pentecostal or Charismatic Protestant churches whose liturgy includes Africanity.

As a globalizing spiritual seizure, CEAF confronts everyday reality in an approach where God is lived and declared as present. It is therefore a claim and an attestation of spirituality in everyday life.

For her, life can not be separated from faith without which it is meaningless and loses all appeal.

CEAF today

a recognized and respected institution.

Having become the Community of Francophone African Churches of Expressions (CEAF), some forty churches are to date members of the CEAF. They bring together about 15,000 people, 60% of whom are under 35 years of age. They are supervised by about fifty pastors.

More than 50 places of worship throughout France host different activities (worship, school monitoring, apprenticeship training, music lessons, dance lessons, mime classes …) churches and associations members of the CEAF.

The concert cults use the skills taught within the CEAF and allow participants to express their faith by promoting all forms of expression (theater, music …).

Its open ecclesiology and the diversity of the ministries that develop in it make CEAF a privileged place to adapt the Protestant faith to the culture of the 21st century.

The structures of the CEAF

In a few words

To cope with the adequacy between the activities of the churches and those of the CEAF, it was decided to set up a structuring simplifying the assumption of responsibility. The objective is to promote a certain fluidity facilitating communication and complementarity between all departments.

For better coordination, sits on the council of Vice-Presidents, who daily follow different parish activities. It is the one responsible for church life, spiritual and pastoral counseling, formation and ministries, communication, church development and growth.

The Bureau, under the responsibility of the President, manages the daily through the General Secretariat and Treasury. The General Secretary manages the department and ensures the daily operation of the office. She is the administrative interlocutor of the CEAF and has a secretary.

The treasurer plays the role of budget administrator. She is responsible to the Board of Directors, to whom she reports every three months and also to the General Assembly, which takes place once a year. She presents the annual accounting report and gives it cutis.

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