Create a space of evangelization open to all.

Testify of a different Christianity that expresses the spiritual reality of immigrants integrated in the suburbs.

Build and organize an expression that can interact, network and build meaningful, lasting and rewarding relationships.

Establish a local Christianity marked by the concern for solidarity, the presence of each other, integration and overcoming differences.

Assure the role of council, formation and accompaniment of the member churches.

The CEAF is a place of integration, meeting, training and socialization, the churches of the CEAF privilege the use of French as the main language of communication without neglecting the introduction to other important European languages ​​such as English etc …

But also a place where the parity between men and women, pastor / laity, the promotion of youth and the integration of women are expressed and expressed.

It is a place of dialogue, meeting, communication and exchange for the valorization of cultural, economic and intellectual knowledge, skills and competences … A training space for the immigrant to really gain a foothold in French society