Theologian, sociologist, the brilliant Congolese intellectual Espoir Majagira BULANGALIRE is the founder and president of the Community of African Expression Churches in France (CEAF), member organization of the Protestant Federation of France whose office is at the Protestant Federation of France at 47 rue de Clichy in Paris. Like the great basketball player, Congolo- American, Mutombo Dikembe, who offered the nation a hospital worthy of the name, in Masina. Hope Bulangaliré has never forgotten his homeland. In Bukavu, the city of his childhood, he erected without a drum or trumpet, a Ruhigita clinic named after his late father who was a pastor in this city, to treat the Kivutians from all social backgrounds. A health center, and a primary school in Kiliba in South Kivu. Finally, along with his friend Dan Anderson, they built a child-soldiers reception center in Beni, North Kivu. Perched at an altitude of 1500 meters, the city of Bukavu experienced Sunday, February 3, a seism of a magnitude 6 on the Richter scale, which left several wounded, homeless and significant damage.

On his lands of Bukavu, Pastor Espoir Bulangalire Majagira does not hesitate to surround himself with children, “the future of Congo” he says

CEAF, unifying framework of African churches in the diaspora

For Pastor Espoir Bulangalire Majagira, there is no contradiction between his pastoral ministry in The Reformed Church and his commitments to the ECAF. He is the architect of the acculturation of the African evangelism of immigration within French Protestantism. Hope Majagira encourages African churches to live their Protestant spirituality through songs, a liturgy that incorporates Black Africanism conscious of its place in the universality of faith, the free songs and those of choirs, a living preaching sometimes river that respects the place of the word and the Spirit God blowing, the faithful must remain receptive. The cults are full and young people, whose average age varies between 25-30 years, are the majority in contrast to traditional churches.

“I want to make my people understand that they can participate in the construction of the world, that the black race is not cursed, that if God has left Africa, he can come back to it.”

The first grouping took place in 1990 around a handful of churches founded by the Congolese. During the launch at the Reformed Church of the Star on the Avenue Grande Armée in Paris, Ambassador Ramazani Baya was present, as was Jacques Stewart, President of the Protestant Federation of France.

Over the years, the unifying framework has expanded its reach and expanded to other churches. CEAF counts

about 50 pastors, all of whom were forced to undergo theological training
54 member churches,
no less than 15,000 faithful.

A great deal of work has been done in the Churches of African Expressions in France. Initially the churches were homeless, currently some already own their place of worship, the CEAF urges each of them to have a fixed address for its cultural and cultural activities.

The pastoral vocation of Pastor Espoir Majagira BULANGALIRE was born by immersing herself in the ministry of her late father. The Rev. Jean Ruhigita who was the legal representative of the 8th community of The Church of Christ in Congo. Well known, the famous disappeared was a builder. Jean Ruhigita has always refuted “faith without work”. Churches, dispensaries, schools were built for the people. It was he who acquired the hill of Panzi 10 km from Bukavu and erected the first Evangelical University of Africa, with several faculties. The hospital that cares for women victims of rape in Bukavu is also the work of this Church.

Bulangalire Hope Majagira was Rector of the Evangelical University of Africa (UEA) in Bukavu from 1990-1995

Returned to Congo, with diplomas, his wife and his children to serve his country. It will reorganize the UEA, equip it with infrastructure and management structures. In less than a year students from neighboring countries: Burundi, Rwanda .. will enroll and subregional integration will be in progress. Panzi students will even be entitled to a student bus.